The Mono is a 35gr chocolate bar, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and freshness of the product. Ideal as impulsive product at the cash counters.


The Duo are two 35gr chocolate bars, vacuum packed to preserve the flavour and freshness of the product. Each Duo combines the real taste of Belgian chocolate with the virtues and flavours of a spice, a herb or a flower coming from a specific geographical region.


Chocolate bars of 100 gr with classical flavours. Simple and delicious, they will please the ones who love classical flavours. Zaabär selected for you a range of dark, milk and white chocolates, pure, with dry fruits or cookies. The dried fruits are roasted by Zaabär to give them an intense flavour.


Zaabär selected for you 5 varieties of cocoa beans among the most sought in the world to create its range of ORIGIN chocolates. Zaabär gave at each chocolate produced from these beans, the name of a local ethnic group.

The origin of cocoa characterizes the tastes and aromas of each variety: flowery, fruity or spicy flavors ... As for the vine there are different varieties of grape varieties. It exists for the cocoa different families of cocoa tree producing the pods, which contain future cocoa beans. These famous pods present themselves different characteristics which are very important organoleptically and alone can determine an important part of the final chocolate quality.

Embark on the discovery of Origin, a range of unique chocolates that makes traveling and dreaming to distant ethnic groups.


Discover our ‘Napolitain’ range, delicious Belgian chocolate squares (5gr) in classical or spicy flavours, individually wrapped to go along with a cup of coffee. They are available in boxes of 18 pieces or 36 pieces in only one flavour or in assorted flavours.

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